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Reactions as PRADA Sells Designer Paper(Money)-clip for $185 each

The life of the super rich can never be overemphasized as new and expensive products are released regularly. I am certain that most of you will obviously prefer to stuff your cash in your wallet rather than in a single paperclip (or do we say Money clip from Prada) that costs $185.

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George Clooney and Partners to make over $700 million for selling tequila company “started by ACCIDENT” for $1 BILLION


George Clooney and business partners Rande Gerber- husband to Cindy Crawford and real estate developer Michael Meldman are set to all smile to the bank, profiting a minimum of $233 million each from the sale of their tequila company to a British distiller, Diageo PLC.

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Fashion Model, Bella Hadid Refused Entry Into Drakes Party by Bouncer who didnt Know her


American fashion model and model.coms model of the year 2016, Bella Hadid was initially denied entry by a bouncer into The Nice Guy, an exclusive Los Angeles club where rapper Drake was having a private party until she was bailed out by someone else.

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John Cena Proposes to Nikki Bella Live on WrestleMania -PHOTOS


​The atmosphere at WrestleMania went ballistic with thousands of fans screaming on Sunday as John Cena proposed to his real-life girlfriend, Nikki Bella.
After a mixed-tag-team match between John Cena/Nikki Bella against The Miz and Maryse, another real-life couple, John Cena took the microphone and

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“Rhumbles in Lagos’’ as Evander Holyfield Takes on Bola Tinubu in Lagos @50


Five-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Evander Holyfield has confirmed that he will feature in the most anticipated exhibition boxing match that will pit him against political heavy weight and former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) in Lagos. The match will be refereed by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka. 
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Story Series: Unplanned Greatness, Part Three.



“Your daughter has Leukaemia.” The doctor said to Kossy’s parents as they sat across him in his office. The smell of disinfectants filled the air, and a wave of nausea hit Mrs Williams. She struggled to breath as the words came back to her. She looked at her husband for confirmation and saw that he heard the doctor also.

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Story Series: Unplanned Greatness, Part Two





The door sounded as Mrs Williams closed the door of the kitchen. She walked silently upstairs careful not to awaken Daniel who had come home for mid-semester break. [Read more…]

Story Series: Unplanned Greatness [Part 1]


The GRA was quiet that evening, typical of such residential community. Most of the houses looked alike, bungalows and duplexes built years before. At the end of C Street, a beautiful storey building stood out, painted blue and white. Various flowers adorned the duplex, its size and structure separating it from the rest of buildings on that street. [Read more…]

FRESH VIDEO: Bruno Mars drops “24k Magic” to mark his return after 4 years


Bruno Mars finally dropped a brand new song “24k Magic” for the first time in four years and what is so special is that he released both the song and music video overnight but he does not see it as his first single just like everyone, but as “The invitation to the party”. [Read more…]

Story Series; Tomorrow’s Dreams, Part 6

It had been two weeks since the Induction drama happened, and Felicia’s relationship with her husband was still strained. Although she told herself she had forgiven him, but had a hard time forgetting the incident. Instead of resolving the issue by talking to him about it, she spent more time with Ifedayo. [Read more…]