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Flameville is a fast-growing, E-News social media source that’s quickly taking over social media entertainment in this part of the world. 
The cutting-edge difference between us and other entertainment blogs is that we focus on empowering our esteemed readers and followers with  positive information, showcasing our celebs/ public figures in an enviable light.  We are not the regular gossip blogs, rather, we clear up the gossip and not promote it by sourcing for genuine and confirmed stories.
As one of our most effective means of sourcing genuine information, we get direct interviews with the celebrities, public figures, youth and world leaders.

Flameville is more than a regular site. We are a “movement” representing urban, music,fashion, and current  entertainment events.  A lifestyle site colliding entertainment, fashion, music, models and exhibiting Young Achievers that make that clear difference, allowing our audience experience the lifestyle most youth just envision.

Flameville mobilize its clout among media outlets, celebrities, and audiences to create quality high-level visibility and content that result in a enviable returns. 

The Flameville team includes seasoned and highly qualified professionals in media and public relations, marketing and entertainment. We are equipped to launch special events, promotional campaigns and audience development services.
We are the hub for modern entertainment and urban News!