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Meet 8 Year old Nigerian ManUtd Fan that Got Mourinho’s Super Cup Medal

Adedeji Odumboni was probably the happiest Manchester United supporter on the Night of the Super Cup defeat to Real Madrid as Jose Mourinho singled him out randomly and gave him his runners up medal after the final whistle.
Adedeji Odumboni, 8, is a season-ticket holder at Old Trafford and he made the trip to Skopje with his father, Ibrahim and older brother to see United bid for a first piece of silverware of the 2017/18 campaign.

His Father, Ibrahim, spoke about their experience in Skopje despite watching United loose 2-1 on the night. He said: 

“At the end of the game the boys were disappointed that we didn’t win,” Ibrahim said. “We thought we’ve made this 16-hour journey to watch the match, we may as well watch the medal presentation and see the players on their lap of honour.

“So we stayed to watch it and the next minute Jose was walking towards us – I didn’t know what he was going to do and then he stretched out to give the medal to him.

“He didn’t say anything – Jose just gave gave him a nod and Adedeji said thank you. It was a consolation for not winning the match, I guess. It was fantastic for the kid.

“It was quite unreal for Adedeji,” he added. “After there were quite a lot of people surrounding him and taking photos – it’s not what we’re used to. We’re used to just watching the game and going away quietly, but this time around we could not leave quietly!”
Ibrahim has been taking Adedeji to Old Trafford since he was just four-years-old from their home in Bristol, but this is the first season he and his brother, Adedire, have had season tickets of their own.

Adedeji’s favourite United players are Ander Herrera, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba, and he is a promising footballer himself and even has a trial at Southampton next week.

“The whole family supports United, Adedeji’s an ever bigger fan than myself and he’s only eight. But when I asked him about what getting the medal means, he was excited but said ‘I just want to win my first Ballon d’Or before I turn 20′” Ibrahim said

“He doesn’t want to be known as ‘The Medal Boy’, no, he wants to be known for his himself, his football and his passion for Man United.

Adedeji currently plays for AEK Boco’s Under-10s and he plays a lot like Herrera.”

Jose Mourinho said he usually gave out his winning medals, so a runner’s up medal won’t be any different.

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