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Weird World: Colombia Approves first ever Throple Relationship between 3 Men.

A marriage is meant to be between two people by default, but Colombia has added a twist to their legal system and come up with a special “Patrimonial Union” between 23-year-old Victor Hugo Prada and his two boyfriends who have been married for 18 years. This legalised three-way union is the first of its kind in the world. 

The 23 year old Prada said in a viral video: 

 “We want to make what’s intimate, public.” “We wanted to validate our household … and our rights,” 

The other two men in the relationship are Manuel Bermudez, and John Alejandro Rodriguez, who have been in the relationship for 18years and were the first male gay couple legally recognized in Colombia.

 The paperwork joining Prada, Manuel Bermudez, and John Alejandro Rodriguez, has already been signed off  by a Medellin notary, makeing them a bona fide family unit in the eyes of the law, including for inheritance purposes.

The German lawyer, Rincon-Perfetti, responsible for the groundbreaking document, noted that this isn’t considered a “marriage” under Colombian law. “A marriage is between two people, so we had to come up with a new word: a special patrimonial union,” he says, per the Guardian . 

There was originally a fourth member in this polyamorous relationship: Alex Esneider Zabala, who started a relationship with Bermudez and Rodriguez in 2004 who died of cancer three years ago, however, just one year after Prada also entered the picture. “There are a lot of throuples [around the world], but it is completely clandestine,” Rincon Perfetti notes.

 A ceremony for the three men is being planned to take place in the next few months.

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