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North Korea Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test Sparks Reaction from World Power

North Korea announced that it has successfully test fired its first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. This is the 11th missile fired just this year by North Korea and has been condemned by world leaders.

In reaction to this, China has called for a “Restraint on all sides” for North Korea

Donald Trump said China hasn’t done enough to  contain North Korea and tells them to “End this Nonsense once an for all” in a tweet.

Their close Neighbor, South Korea’s President sent a note or warning telling them to end the tests to avoid “Crossing the Red Line”.

An Analysis by Guardian

Japanese PM in a statement described the act as a clear violation of UN resolutions despite repeated warnings and the weapons program in Pyongyang will be discussed in this weeks G20 summit. He said he will ensure Japan unites strongly with US and  South Korea and will also call on China’s President, Shi Jin Pin and Russian President, Vladimir Putin to play a more constructive role.

North Korea President, Kim Jong Un looks at launch site

The Missile was fired from the Eastern Coast of North Korea and flew for 930 kilometers before landing in Japan’s territorial waters after flying at an altitude of 2,500KM.

The U.S Military has said that he tests did not threaten North America.

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