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Reactions as PRADA Sells Designer Paper(Money)-clip for $185 each

The life of the super rich can never be overemphasized as new and expensive products are released regularly. I am certain that most of you will obviously prefer to stuff your cash in your wallet rather than in a single paperclip (or do we say Money clip from Prada) that costs $185.

 The Prada Money clip is the new addition to the list of uber-expensive products for the super rich selling at $185 at The item is made in Italy of polished sterling silver and is 6.25cm (length) by 2.25cm (width) with PRADA embossed on one side. By my calculation, that is $13 per square cm.

This price tag has sparked a lot of reaction from social media especially twitter where jokesters couldn’t hold themselves together as comments have been pouring in since the discovery. Herr are some tweets.

Also selling on Barneys is the non-Prada version selling for $150 saving you just $35 .FYI, a box of 100 paper clips goes for about $1.29.

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