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Ivanka Trump: “Senator Rubio is a great hugger” after photo of “failed hug” between the two goes viral

An awkward photo of a failed Hug between Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President of USA and Senator Marco Rubio sent twitter users into a frenzy and the senator and Ivanka had to play along. ​​

The picture shows Senator Rubio leaning in for a hug with Ivanka Trump and appears to show her declining to hug Rubio back as the two greet one another just outside the Capitol during a meeting.

 Twitter users then went on to analyze the awkward moment with all sorts of jokes. Senator Rubio responded smartly in a series of joking tweets later, announcing that he would be investigating what he termed the “alleged failed hug.” He tweeted:

 “We have our own unclassified photographic evidence that will shed greater details on this incident.” 

He then posted a blurry photo, taken at a different moment that day, showing Trump’s hand on his shoulder as he smiles, with a caption: “New photo emerges providing more insight into alleged failed hug. (Faces blurred for security purposes)”.
 Trump herself joined in Tuesday evening, tweeting: “Fake news! Marco is an excellent hugger.”

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