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Fashion Model, Bella Hadid Refused Entry Into Drakes Party by Bouncer who didnt Know her

American fashion model and model.coms model of the year 2016, Bella Hadid was initially denied entry by a bouncer into The Nice Guy, an exclusive Los Angeles club where rapper Drake was having a private party until she was bailed out by someone else.

20-year old Bella (apparently dressed like a star), was trying to make her way into the venue when the big bouncer who was unaware of who she was, blocked her from gaining entrance. Bella, who has a following of 13.7 million instagram fans was photographed grabbing the doormans arm while trying to gain entrance. 

Another man stepped in to ease the tension by getting into a heated discussion with the doorman and she was let into the venue. All Bella could do while this went on was to put her hand over her face, apparently humiliated. The doorman repotedly apologized to Bella for the error.

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