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Check out the new look of the iconic Nokia 3310

​Back in the day, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone was perhaps the most durable and reliable phone mobile users could count on as  it was a global hit back in September 2000 before going extinct due to the advent of smart phones.

On Sunday, HMD brought smiles to the faces of lovers of the iconic mobile phone by rolling out a suite of new Nokia phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as a relaunch.

The Nokia 3310 has the reputation of being one of the strongest phones that can take a bashing like a brick and it performs the basic function of making a call and sending texts. The new look however, has been given a makeover and remains as simple as ever with a $50 price tag.
The new version is lighter and comes in colorful options of red, yellow, blue and grey with a 2-mrgapixel camera and a microSD slot in addition to web browsing.

The biggest selling point of the phone is it’s battery life. The Nokia 3310 can boast of 22 hours talk time as well as a standby time of up to a full month. For all the lovers of the trademark Snake game, it now comes in a new look as well which adds to the fun.

This new release has not been made to compete with modern smart phones, but to appeal to those who can’t afford modern smart phones. The phone is said to be available by the second quarter of the year and can serve as a first phone for kids.

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