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Story Series: Unplanned Greatness, Part Two





The door sounded as Mrs Williams closed the door of the kitchen. She walked silently upstairs careful not to awaken Daniel who had come home for mid-semester break. There had been a protest at the School and the students had been told to go home for a while. As she passed his room which was close to the dining area, he stepped out and saw his Mum.




“Mummy, are you okay?” He asked noticing the strain on her face. He had received the news of the pregnancy better than his elder siblings had done since he had always dreamt of having a little sister to love and protect.  Uzoma had been annoyed at the prospect of his second child being age mates with his younger sibling, it was Clara who spoke to him and pleaded with him not to add to the stress his mum was already going through. However, towards the last trimester, he turned out to be more supportive than John and Obinna had been.



On the expected delivery day, every member of the family  had been present that weekend, supporting and encouraging their parents. Rebecca had gone into labour late in the night and Daniel had driven the family’s SUV to the hospital where the baby was delivered. Everyone asked for the sex of the baby at the same time, since Rebecca had decided she didn’t want the sex disclosed till the delivery day. She had asked the doctor to keep that information to himself and promised herself she will enjoy her pregnancy whether the child was male or female.


So it was with anxious expectation the whole family asked the Matron what sex the baby was that early morning.


Adjusting her delivery apron, the matron announced the child was a girl. Jumping and screaming in pure delight, Daniel moved towards the room to welcome his sister and congratulate their mummy on the wonderful package of surprise she received. The baby was christened KosisoChuwku Danielle Williams. Since some of the people living at the estate were not Ibos, they explained to their guests that the name meant ‘As the Lord wills’, which meant Boluwatife in Yoruba Language according to one of their Yoruba friends.



” I’m fine. Thank you dear, you should go back to bed.” Mrs Williams replied as she patted her son’s back. Even though Kossy was a peaceful baby, the demands of a 9-month old child was a lot for her to bear. But she took it in her stride and enjoyed the time she had with her daughter. Her husband had employed a nanny to assist during the day but she handled feeding and care in the night.




In the space of Fifteen years, Kossy grew to be an extremely beautiful and intelligent girl. She was the darling of her class and had been the Class representative since Basic seven. Her teachers watched with admiration as she coordinated her class wisely, and they observed she seemed extra-intelligent for her age. Although she got average grades in her subjects, she however possessed wisdom beyond her years.




Her aged parents doted upon her, her mum usually said that Kossy was the fruit of her old age. She was especially attached to her Mum and was always there to support as she got older. Mrs Williams smiled whenever she remembered how she had felt when she discovered she was pregnant. God had known she will need a friend and confidant and her given her a daughter at her old age.


Kossy usually spent her summer holidays with her elder brothers, rotating her visits so no one felt cheated. But it was obvious to everyone Daniel was her favourite sibling. Since he was the one still at home at the time of her birth, they shared a special bond. He had gotten married when Kossy was 10 years old, his daughters bore a resemblance to her and were the reason for her constant visits to his house.


But the holiday when she was to clock 16, she fell ill and was admitted in the hospital. The doctor diagnosed Ulcer and prescribed drugs for her to use. But after two months, the symptoms returned and the family returned to the hospital. After a series of misdiagnosis, Kossy finally got to see a specialist.


Thanks for following till now. The last part of this series will be posted tomorrow. Your comments are important, so kindly write them in the section below. Thanks for following!


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9 months 13 days ago

Cool… can’t wait to get to the end… plus it seems Kosiso looks exactly lyk my type of lady tho from your description of her..???? nice story so far