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Story Series: Unplanned Greatness, Part Three.


“Your daughter has Leukaemia.” The doctor said to Kossy’s parents as they sat across him in his office. The smell of disinfectants filled the air, and a wave of nausea hit Mrs Williams. She struggled to breath as the words came back to her. She looked at her husband for confirmation and saw that he heard the doctor also.

” Are you sure about this, Doc?. I mean, Kossy has been an healthy child until recently.” Dave Williams said as he held his wife’s hand.

” I’m sure Mr Williams. I will like that you to get a second opinion though. There’s nothing I will love better than to be wrong. But after the tests we conducted, the only conclusion we came to was this diagnosis.”

KosisoChukwu smiled at her brothers as they entered her hospital room, their parents had told them about the diagnosis and they had travelled down to see their sister. Her room was filled with various get-well soon cards and other gifts brought by her school mates and friends. She lifted her hand slightly, as far as the drip-line placed on it could allow.

Daniel sat and held her hands, told her his daughters sent their regards and couldn’t come because they had gone to school. His eyes laced with tears as he tried remembering how active his sister had been. Kossy told him not to worry, that she was sure God will heal her. Her brothers marvelled at her faith and laughed at her jokes. They left laughing and no one could have guessed they were visiting their sick sister.

Two weeks after Kossy was admitted in the hospital, the doctors decided to try an experimental drug after explaining the risks involved to her family. Her parents decided to go through with the treatment since that was the best option available. At first, she didn’t respond to the drug but later started improving.

After two months of treatment, her test results had greatly improved and the neoplastic cells were almost absent. Kossy was discharged after five months of her stay in the hospital with instructions on the use of her drugs, diet and exercises.

After a year of battling Leukaemia, Kossy was declared Cancer-free. Her family celebrated the victory and invited friends and well-wishers. Local newspaper reporters graced the occasion and got the opportunity to interview Kossy. In her reponse to a TV reporter on how the experience had changed her life, Kossy said she was grateful for that trying period because it gave her the opportunity to empatize with Cancer patients and survivors. She said the care she received at the hospital inspired her to choose the Medical profession and commit the rest of her life to Oncology.


Dr KosisoChuwku Williams became a distinguished oncologist of her time. Everytime patients left her consulting room, they left smiling no matter the diagnosis. She attended to her patients with so much care and concern that only could have stemmed from empathy. When asked the motivation behind her commitment to Medicine, she often told the story surrounding her birth and how leukaemia almost claimed her life.

Everyone that heard Kossy’s story concluded that indeed her birth wasn’t a mistake. Throughout her parent’s lifetime, they were glad they got the added blessing of a daughter. A daughter like no other. Mr and Mrs Williams died years , their deaths separated only by few months.

The local government named a street in the GRA she grew up in after her, in honour of her contribution to medicine and humanity at large. In all, KosisoChuwku’s story was a lesson to everybody that no child was a mistake and every child had a purpose to fulfil.


Thank you for following this Story Series. We are grateful for your support. We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from this story.
When things do not happen the way we’ve planned, we must remember there’s a greater purpose. A reason bigger than us, and the circumstances that surround us.
KosisoChuwku’s story tell us every child has a destiny to fufil. A purpose for his/her conception. Life isn’t ours to give or take. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. We love to hear from you. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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