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Story Series; Tomorrow’s Dreams, Part 6

It had been two weeks since the Induction drama happened, and Felicia’s relationship with her husband was still strained. Although she told herself she had forgiven him, but had a hard time forgetting the incident. Instead of resolving the issue by talking to him about it, she spent more time with Ifedayo. They spent their lunch times together and chatted on social media when at home. Whenever Felicia had trouble at work, all she had to do was tell Ifedayo and he solved it like fairies did for Little girls.


The past two weeks were also especially busy for Felicia because she was assisting Bisola with planning her wedding. Already, it was Thursday and the bridal shower was slated for 6 PM. Felicia took the bus to work that morning and planned to follow Ife to Bisola’s house where the shower was to hold.


She had bought a beautiful lingerie for her best friend and couldn’t wait for her to open her gift. Earlier that week, Felicia and Ifedayo had gone to the mall to shop for a perfect wedding gift for Bisola. Felicia had suggested a set of cooking pot for her friend, and Ife had put in some money gave to purchase the gift. Felicia and her husband planned to give the new couple a Suregift giftcard worth thousands naira.


The bridal shower was quite interesting and made her single friends wish they were getting married also. Ngozi had travelled down with her child and stayed in a hotel close to Bisola’s house at Ikeja. The bride to-be wore a red chiffon dress that had pearls woven into it, and the sash across her shoulder read ” Exquisite Bride”.


The engagement party started 2pm on Friday afternoon. It was a very beautiful affair. Ifedayo and Felicia worked together to ensure everyone was comfortable. Once again, Mrs Daniel did a good job making sure David was well taken care of. The engagement party ended after the Bride’s parents handed her over to her In-laws. Several pictures were taken as family and friends gathered around the couple.


As they drove home that evening, Segun attempted to talk to his wife about the incident but she brushed it aside saying she was over it. Already, she was chatting with Ife and laughing at something he typed.


On Saturday Morning, Bisola held by her Septuagenarian dad, marched into the church building. Vows were exchanged between the couple and they sat to listen to the Sermon. The message was very short, but listening to it softened Felicia’s heart. The Preacher had said something about resolving issues with effective communication and that married people should resolve conflicts with maturity. He also warned young couples to avoid un necessary intimacy with the opposite sex, especially old friends and colleagues. Felicia felt as though the man could read her thoughts, and concluded it must be God talking to her.


When she thought about it, she realised that she had not handled the misunderstanding properly and her previously happy relationship with her husband had degenerated into a civil one. She made up her mind to explain to Segun exactly how she felt that day and also to avoid a close relationship with Ifedayo, mostly because of the past they shared. Although nothing improper had occurred between them, she knew such closeness was not the best and could breed an affair later.


When the Akinsola’s got home that saturday evening, Felicia apologised to her husband for her cold behaviour and explained to him she felt he didn’t care enough about her.


” Babe, but I apologised to you. I said I forgot, Banji had called that afternoon and asked if I could come to their place. I honestly didn’t remember at all.” Segun said.


“But how could you, you knew it was important to me. I couldn’t even believe you forgot. That was why I didn’t want to talk about it.”


” Its all right. I promise it will not happen again. I love you and you know I’ve been a supportive husband. It is better for us to discuss whenever we have conflicts, instead of avoiding the issue.”


” I know what I did was not healthy, and am sorry too. I love you dear” Felicia said as she hugged her husband.


Later that evening, Felicia sent a text to Ifedayo and told him she needed some space. She said she appreciated their friendship but it was affecting her relationship with her husband. She thanked him for his support and wished him the best in his career. Ifedayo replied and told her he understood, he respected her decision and their relationship stayed official.


Felicia and Segun lived happily ever after and 11 months later, Ifedayo got married to a colleague from work.


The End.



We have come to the end of this story series. I’mĀ  glad you followed the story till now. I’m still very keen to know your thoughts about this particular series. So, please write them in the comments section and I will get back to you. Follow the action on our social media platforms, Like us on FB, Follow us on Twitter.



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