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Story Series: Tomorrow’s Dreams, Part 5

The Induction ceremony was starting in 30 minutes, Felicia looked beautiful in her strapless evening gown, her blue wedge shoes were perfect for the knee length dress.

A colleague had helped with her make-up, making use of the perfect blend of colours. She smiled as she stepped out of her hotel suite, looking good and feeling even better.
Looking around the tastefully decorated Conference hall where the event was to hold, she noted the colourful combination of blue and silver. She especially liked the shade of blue the event decorator chose. What shade of blue it was, she couldn’t tell.
She laughed as she recalled a conversation with Bisola about the time she was to get married. They had heard about a joke about  a Couple who chose Ponmo brown and Tatashe Red for the Bride’s family and Party jollof Red and Yam flour Black for the groom’s family. The one that got them rolling with laughter was the Danfo Yellow and Taxi Green the Couple told their guests to wear. They had imagined how colourful the wedding ceremony would have been with the amazing variant of colours the couple chose


Bisola was the only person she told about meeting Ife again, she had called to say she was getting married to Toye, her University sweetheart. Prior to that time, both Ngozi and Felicia had been wondering when Toye was going to propose to his old time Girl friend, and they were delighted to hear that the Love birds were finally getting married. Felicia smiled and thanked God for settling both friends with wonderful spouses, Bisola’s wedding was only two weeks away and she couldn’t wait to see her friend in her gorgeous wedding dress.

Felicia checked her wristwatch and saw that the event was starting in five minutes, yet her husband wasn’t around. The company had arranged a pick for him on arrival from the airport to the hotel and factoring the time of his flight, he should have been there already. When she heard the announcement that called all Inductees into the hall, she gave up on seeing Segun.

She was scared and disappointed at the same time: What could have made Segun miss her induction? He had promised to be here, he knew how important this was to her career. Did he miss his flight? She tried to dismiss any betraying thoughts from her mind and decided to give her husband the benefit of doubt. It must have been something really crucial for her husband not to be present, she prayed David was all right. She had called Nigeria two hours ago and Mrs Daniel said her baby was sleeping.

After the event, Ifedayo approached Felicia to congratulate her. He looked dashing in the Blue blazer he wore, he smiled and revealed a perfect set of white teeth. As he hugged her, she perceived his Cologne and closed her eyes as the lovely scented filled her senses. Ifedayo held her for about thirty seconds before stepping back, she dreamily wished it was Segun with her and not her former Boyfriend. Catching the thought midway, she focused on what Ife was saying.

” Congratulations dear. I’m so happy for you. I welcome you officially to the firm.” Ife said as he looked around for Segun.

Seeing him look around, Felicia knew she would have to say something to cover for her husband. Besides, she didn’t want Ife thinking she wasn’t happily married.
“Errrm, my husband couldn’t make it. He probably missed his flight.” She said, looking down at her shoes.

Ifedayo understood what was happening and offered to ease the atmosphere. “Its no big deal actually, I’m sure he must have a good reason for not being here.”

Felicia sensed he was trying to defend her husband and her heart softened towards Ife more. He must have really changed, she thought to herself. She asked him to wait while she went to get her box from her hotel room, the dinner had ended 30 minutes earlier, and they had to be on their way to the airport. Already other participants were moving their boxes into the bus the firm hired . Dropping her luggage into the back of the bus, she sat beside Ifedayo as they continued their discussion on the way to the airport as their flight back to Nigeria was in 90 minutes.

When they got to Nigeria, Ifedayo’s brother was waiting to drive them home, Felicia alighted at the closest bus stop to her house and called a bike. Ifedayo apologised for being unable to take her home and promised he would check on her later in the evening

“Be safe”

“I will be dear, thank you. See you at work tomorrow.”

Felicia got into the compound and hurried into the house. She saw her son sleeping in his play pen and a huge sigh of relief escaped her lips as she hugged Mrs Daniel.

” Thank you so much for taking good care of my baby. I hope he didn’t make so much trouble.”

“Not really, Ma’am. He was as good as gold. Once I fed him, he either slept or played with his dad.”

” Really, I’m glad to hear that. My husband? Where is he?”

Just then, Segun entered the living room. He looked startled as he saw his wife. He had forgotten the induction was that evening, and had gone out with his friends. Mrs Daniel noticed the awkward silence between the couple and excused herself. Felicia thanked her and gave her Five thousand naira for the extra efforts she made.

“Babe, I’m really sorry. Wow, I can’t believe I forgot.” Segun said as he approached his wife

Ignoring him, Felicia went into their room and sat on the bed while she removed her shoes and jewellery. ” How could you have forgotten, Segun? You know how important that event is to my career. It is obvious you had other things on your mind.”

Segun knelt in front of her, ” Honestly, babe, I can’t explain. I’m so sorry.”

” Its all right. At least, now I know how important I am to you.”

“I promise to make it up to you dear. Don’t say that, you know I love you.” He said, seeing she was close to tears, he held her to himself and apologised again.

Later in the evening, Ifedayo fulfilled his promise and pinged Felicia.

“What’s up dear? Hope you got home safely?

 She smiled as she replied, ” Yea, I did. Thank you, I had a wonderful time at the training. ”

” Same here dear. It felt great to hold you in my arms today.”

Felicia blinked as she read that part of the message. Looking over her shoulder at her husband who was fast asleep, she replied Ife and told him she had to rest since she had to be at work the next day.
The concluding part to this series will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for following till this point. We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far. Enjoy.

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9 months 21 days ago

Very good write-up….
Well done

9 months 20 days ago

Good write up. Well done