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Story Series: Unplanned Greatness [Part 1]

The GRA was quiet that evening, typical of such residential community. Most of the houses looked alike, bungalows and duplexes built years before. At the end of C Street, a beautiful storey building stood out, painted blue and white. Various flowers adorned the duplex, its size and structure separating it from the rest of buildings on that street. From the architectural design, it was obvious that the house was built decades earlier.

The Williams made their home there, and it was in that grand building they raised all four of their children- Uzoma, John, Obinna, and Daniel. They were all successful young men, and as a result, younger parents who had trouble with their kids usually went to the elderly William couple for counsel. Most evenings, the duo were seen outside their compound, talking to other residents and discussing matters pertaining to the community.




However, that evening, as Rebecca Williams walked along the corridor of the mansion where she made her home for thirty years, various thoughts ran in her head. Her mind recollected how happy she was the last time she bore such news as she was carrying now. Since she got to know she was expecting a baby, her mind had been in turmoil. Resting on the door of the room that served as her husband’s library, she took no heed to the tears that flowed freely down her face.




It was not exactly the news of being pregnant that made her so sad, rather it was the worry that came as a result of her pondering on what the society would have to say about her being pregnant again at fifty-five. She imagined what Clara, her pregnant daughter-in-law will think about the possibility of holding a baby shower at the same time.




She entered the room and sat across her husband, and while she waited for him to end the telephone conversation, she noticed how old and worn the office desk was. Situated at a corner of the room, with the brown plywood covering the table surface old and worn with use, it looked a shadow of itself. But it had been this faithful desk who had patiently listened to their conversations and provided a place for her to hide tears that came as a result of the various challenges their marriage had gone through. She recalled the times she had to deal with willful teenage boys while trying her best to be a loving mother, and when she had lost her job at the bank and thought her career was over.




After she had the first 3 boys, she had hoped the last child will be a girl, so when she put to bed and it was a boy, she was disappointed and had cried on her husband’s shoulder. He encouraged her then, and Daniel had turned out to be a wonderful son. He was in his final year in University, studying Performing and Media Arts and was all they hoped a son could be. She looked up as her husband cleared his throat, breaking her reverie.




Dave Williams looked at his wife and knew something was amiss. He put his arms around Rebecca and asked, “Hey Darling. What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so sad?”



She looked at him and replied slowly, ” I am pregnant.”



Her husband looked at her then, his jaw slack and his expression showing surprise. He was obviously amazed and hadn’t been expecting that reply. How is that possible? Pregnant? At fifty-five? Really?



As though she could read his thoughts, Rebecca replied, ” Exactly. I mean, how many people will I explain to that Grand Ma is having a baby. This is just…”





” Noooo, not at all Love. I’m just wondering why God chose to bless us with a child at this time of our lives. I will be Sixty next year and you’re not very young yourself.” Her Husband replied quickly, too quickly.




“This is so so embarrassing.” Mrs Williams said as she wept.



Not knowing what to say, Dave Williams sat and pondered on the situation. Their last child was 19 years old and the last news he was expecting was that of another child. He was a Grandfather already, he tried to imagine the sleepless nights that will come when the child was born. He thought about his Wife’s health, and whether she had the strength to withstand another pregnancy. But whatever happened, Mr Williams knew abortion wasn’t an option because life wasn’t his to give or take.






Sensing his wife needed all the support she could get, he pulled himself together and moved towards her. Putting his arms around Rebecca, her husband reassured her that God had good plans for them and the child they were expecting was not a mistake. He gently reminded her that indeed, His plans were nothing like her plans, and his ways were far beyond anything she could imagine. Resting in the promise that God loved her and he was fully aware of the situation, Rebecca Williams dried her tears and gazed lovingly at her slightly protruding abdomen.

Thanks for reading the first part of this series. Part Two will be out tomorrow. We are gald you’re one of our faithful followers. Please let us know your thoughts about this story, we appreciate getting feedback from you. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! 

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