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Story Series: Tomorrow’s Dreams, Part Four.




After the effect of seeing Ife again wore off, Felicia managed to stage a smile. As she looked at him, her heart fluttered, threatening to leave the confines of the thoracic cavity. He looked as young as he did the last time she saw him, the only difference was he was fresher and exuded a higher degree of charm. Butterflies she thought were long dead rose from the dead, and she silently thanked God she was black; at least she wouldn’t embarrass herself by blushing.




She blinked as she felt his hands on her arm, “Hello, Hello…. Are you here?”




Her mouth filled with distaste as she remembered where she had last seen him. “Hi, Mr Onadola,” She replied awkwardly.




“Hi, it’s definitely good to see you again. I came here to inform you I will be the Facilitator for the 3-day training the firm is organising at Ghana. I will tell my Secretary to send the logistics to your mail. Your flight ticket will be given to you tomorrow.” Ifedayo said as he made his way out of the office.




Sighing, Felicia moved towards her chair. She had been introduced to other members of the firm previously but she didn’t meet Ife then. He was the last person she expected to see, she thought about how uncomfortable she felt when she turned to look at him and wondered why. Was there a place in her heart that still cared for him? She hoped not, she really loved her husband and knew her place was by his side. Besides, she knew what kind of player Ife had proven to be.




Later that evening, Felicia pondered on the August meeting with her Ex-boyfriend and made a mental note to inform her husband. She smiled as thoughts of going home to David crossed her mind- at four months he already weighed 7 kg. His gum was the only proof he wasn’t older, already some of their family and friends treated him like a big baby. She planned to leave him with Mrs Daniel while she attended the training the company was organising that weekend.



Before Felicia knew it, it was Friday and her flight was scheduled for 8 AM that morning, the training was to start in the evening. She found out she enjoyed working for ‘ The Bridge Consults ‘, and especially loved working with her colleagues. She had been surprised when Ifedayo didn’t make any attempt to revisit what happened between them and she thought maybe he was finally responsible. Already she was getting used to seeing him at work and they usually exchanged greetings whenever they met within the firm.




On Friday morning, Felicia packed her stuff and Ifedayo came to pick her at home, Segun had left for the office by then. She bit her tongue as she realised she had forgotten to give Segun details about Ifedayo, she only mentioned that a colleague will be driving her to the airport.  She had planned to tell him when she thought he would have been trouble, but now that she felt comfortable with him, she dismissed the idea.



She didn’t want her husband worried about her, besides she was a responsible mother and wife now, not the naïve young Corp member anymore. She smiled as she thought of not seeing her family for the whole weekend, and hoped the training would end early on Sunday evening, so she could see her handsome husband at the Induction dinner.




The training was held at a five-star hotel in Accra, the Firm had spared no expense in making sure its Trainees were comfortable. The training held from Friday morning till Sunday evening. An induction party was scheduled for Sunday evening, and each participant had been given flight tickets for their Spouses to celebrate the successful completion of the training. Felicia had told Segun before about the party, and he promised to be in Ghana on Sunday evening.


Their training session on Saturday was really hectic and during the break, Ifedayo approached Felicia. Sighting him, she smiled and motioned for him to seat beside her. He had been very helpful and had shared various tips that made the training easier for her to deal with. The duo flowed with easy camaraderie, and their colleagues began to note how close they were.




With a tired smile on her face, Felicia said, “Thank you so much Ife. Your presence here has made this training bearable”




Laughing, he replied her, “What are friends for? I would have wanted someone to take care of my wife if she were in your position.”




Her heart raced as she heard him mention ‘wife’. She smiled sadly as she remembered a time when that might have been her.




Ife sensed the change in her demeanour and decided to deal with the issue once for all.




Clearing his throat nervously, he said, “Look Felicia. I’m sorry about how I behaved the last time. I really can’t explain to you, because what I was then was inexcusable. But I can tell you I’m a better man now.”




Suddenly, tears filled Felicia’s eyes. She thought about the pain she experienced that period and how she went through it. Fearing that she may embarrass both of them by crying, she nodded and smiled. When she finally regained composure, she held her hands out at Ife and told him she had forgiven him a long time ago.




Relieved, he smiled and picked his phone, he shouted as he discovered the next training session would commence five minutes later. He asked Felicia to go ahead, so as to avoid being late for her training. Standing, he watched her go and thought how foolish he was to loose such a smart and beautiful woman.


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