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Photo: SNAKE CHILD IN THAILAND!!! Half Girl- Half Snake…. Suffers from Serpentosis Malianorcis

They call her the “Snake Girl” and it is not because she plays or knows how to get around snakes, but because more than half of her body is that of a snake!
8 year old Mai Li Fay from Bangkok Thailand has become a major attraction to tourists who flock to see her and even touch her snake body.

In regard with this report, top medical expert, Dr. Ping Lao said that Mai Li Fay suffers a very rare syndrome, known as the Serpentosis Malianorcis or Jing Jing’s disease, which in result gives her lower body a distinct reptilian form and aspect.

Throughout the history, Mai Li Fay is considered to have this one of a kind case, so the scientific knowledge accumulated about the pathology is rather limited and there is no cure in sight at the moment.

The Fay family have welcomed the situation brought by Mai Li’s situation with a mix of anguish and excitement, as the never ending lines of tourists and pilgrims have brought the badly impoverished family some substantial revenues and given them an important raise in their social status but cost them there privacy and intimacy.

I’m still trying to put things together on how this could be true. By the way, why don’t we ever get to find out the names of all these conditions until they occur? #Just Saying….

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4 Comments on "Photo: SNAKE CHILD IN THAILAND!!! Half Girl- Half Snake…. Suffers from Serpentosis Malianorcis"


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Kerry Fowokan
Kerry Fowokan
3 years 7 months ago

this is not true the picture was perfectly edited

Kayal Kayal
3 years 6 months ago


Smart Suresh
3 years 6 months ago

not true

Lito Rodriguez
3 years 6 months ago

I see already girl snake !